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Types of Projects

"Suit the action to the word, the word to the action."
-William Shakespeare

Audio / Video

Omni Tech Translations provides in-house voice-overs & editing, scripts, subtitles, file conversion, timing & placement, and much more…

Brochures and Catalogs

We can help with project planning, localization, translation, market-specific versions and version control, complete DTP, and turn-key projects.

Case Reports

Clinical Summaries


Full translation, information extraction, document review … Talk to us about your needs and timelines.

Compliance & Employee Materials

From on-line forms to information booklets, from employee manuals to codes of conduct, and from company videos to corporate magazines.

Corporate Training


"The use of any electronic technology to aid in the acquisition and development of knowledge and understanding in order to demonstrable and positively influence behaviors." Omni Tech Translations offers a very broad range of services to help you with everything that fits under this broad definition…

Employee Communications

Nothing promotes employee loyalty and effectiveness better than communicating with them in their own language.


What a great invention: low-cost, no printing and instant distribution! If you want to keep it just as quick and simple in foreign languages, please talk with your favorite Omni Tech Project Manager.

Financial Filings & Documents

Annual reports, Shareholder communications

Graphic Localization

From simple captions to complex drawings, flow charts and illustrations – in almost any file format.

Guides, Handbooks and Manuals

From 20 pages to 5,000 pages, from one vehicle to an entire factory installation ... foreign language documentation is something that not many people are excited about. Let Omni Tech Translations help you create all the materials that you need, while making it easy on you and keeping costs down.

Health and Safety

Not only do you want to protect your employees, but your company as well!

Instructor-Led Training

Interactive training is today’s fashion, but there are times that nothing replaces instructor-led, paper-based training. Single-source student and trainer versions? Version updates?

Omni Tech Translations can help your company, from A to Z.

Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS, SDS, and TDS)

Because it is the law and because Omni Tech Translations does them RIGHT!

Manufacturing Specifications

Procedures, conversions, materials, treatments .... Don’t enter a single line of CNC G-code or set up a single tool without talking to Omni Tech Translations.

Marketing & Glossy Collateral

Packaging & Product Labeling

When terminology must be consistent from one product to the next as well as over time, when you go through frequent version updates, when you are dealing with 2, 3 or 17 languages. Two words: Omni Tech ...



Posters and Wall Charts

Printed Newsletters and Corporate Magazines

Omni Tech’s linguists, designers and typesetters have the track record to help you with any phase of your project. They have successfully done so for years!

RFPs and Proposals

30 days from RFP (in a foreign language) to Response Deadline (also in a foreign language). Sounds familiar? THIS is where Omni Tech Translations shines. Omni Tech Translations has handled countless projects of this type, without EVER missing a deadline. You don’t need any additional stress: content, graphics, multiple rounds of changes, last minute course corrections... We know what it takes and Omni Tech Translations has your back!

Software & App Localization

Talk to us about your project – software engineering and localization expertise in-house, full time!

Technical Content

Technical Procedures


Training Scenarios

War Gaming & Simulations

Omni Tech Translations has many scenarios under its belt; instructor-led, software-based, interactive….

Web-Based Training

When rolling out web-based training to 20 countries simultaneously, including audio, Flash, HTML5 and a multitude of support materials, you want Omni Tech Translations at your side (and to have your back).

Website Localization

Static or dynamic content, frequent updates, rapid turnaround – Omni Tech Translations is there!

White Papers and Research