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Voice Overs - Audio - Video

The digital age has changed the way people consume and, indeed, demand information. Global communications are very much reliant on the power of audio and visual engagement.

Omni Tech Translations has successfully completed hundreds of voice-over and multimedia projects.

We offer professional voice talent and studio facilities, or we can work with the people and facilities that you designate. Either way, we provide high-quality turnkey products requiring a minimum intervention and oversight on your part.


Omni Tech Translations provides:

  • Audio dubbing work in most languages
  • Off-camera foreign language talent
  • Soundtracks
  • Subtitles in almost any language or script
  • Complete visual solutions, including Film & HD Production, Corporate Communications, etc.

Over the years, Omni Tech Translations has developed expertise allowing us to streamline projects and boost their overall impact. These methods cover the preparatory work that is required before anything is laid to track, as well as the actual recording phase. Our approach is highly cost-effective and, like we've said before, it never looked or sounded better!

Talk to us about your next audio, video or voice-over project!