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Training Systems

Companies are quickly moving from print materials and live training to self-paced CD, DVD, CBT or web-based instruction and for good reasons ...

... increased effectiveness, higher training impact and drastically reduced unit cost are critical to a company's efforts to provide high quality learning for their employees.


Omni Tech Translations can take your existing content (created for print) and move it to electronic platforms, incorporate visual, animation and audio elements and prepare everything for distribution on CD-ROM or over the Web, in English or in almost any other language and script.

We can also use your existing multimedia files and localize them when appropriate - or create new multimedia components as required.

Over the years, Omni Tech Translations has developed expertise allowing us to streamline projects and boost their overall impact. We can take your source files, translate and localize all the content, rebuild the courses, handle all the testing and QC, and provide you with training that is ready to be implemented. Turnkey. In as many languages as you may need. 

Furthermore, Omni Tech Translations is well versed in dealing with a variety of platforms – from Captivate to Lectora, and from Articulate and Storyline to proprietary authoring tools.


Omni Tech Translations provides full localization for all your employee and client-facing training and simulation content and systems. Omni Tech’s experts have been “in the trenches” when it comes to training systems.
  • Computer-based training
  • Web-based training
  • e-Learning and multimedia applications
  • Classroom-based instructor-led materials
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Certification and assessment programs


Training systems and simulations come in all sizes and shapes, and are created using an incredible variety of tools. The bottom line is that our techies have not yet found one that they cannot handle: off-the-shelf or proprietary environments.
  • Articulate
  • Captivate
  • Flash
  • Lectora
  • PowerPoint
  • Standard and custom LMSs
  • And much more

Internationalization, animations, interactions, audio, re-engineering, QA and testing … we have done it all and Omni Tech Translations will be there every step of the way to make your training roll-out a success regardless of size: 1 instructor-led course in 1 language or 160 multi-media courses into many languages simultaneously …