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Multilingual Websites - Web Design

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes management can make is to treat in-country websites as mirror images of their home country sites.

Just have the local office convert it ;)

Maybe you have multilingual clients or employees in your own country. Omni Tech Translations is set up to translate your HTML files, Java applets, CGI, and other scripts, and deliver them to you ready for uploading to your server.


Beyond strict translation, we treat web projects as we do all translation work, which means we consider context and local needs and customs. Like all of our work, we strive to make our clients’ work better and save them money.

Omni Tech Translations is an all-inclusive solution and we customize methods and solutions to the needs and preferences of each of our clients. We typically do this at no additional cost.

Our technical, linguistic and cultural solutions include:

  • Translation of content
  • Cultural customization of content
  • Format changes (currency, decimal notation, units of measure, etc.)
  • Relinking of content in appropriate language
  • Resolution of character-set issues in double-byte languages, including appropriate page encoding to ensure proper display
  • Page layout revisions
  • Reversal of menus in right-to-left-reading languages
  • Text layering on graphics
  • Review of icons to identify cultural issues
  • Localization of CGI script and Java script
  • Site testing for verification of proper content display on specified browsers
  • Testing of proper link functionality to all content and sites
  • Revision and updating of all content, images and buttons