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Talent Management/Training

OMNI TECH TRANS: Specialized Translations and Foreign Language Support for the HR Professional – All In One Place.


There are as many types of HR-related foreign language projects as there are companies and languages. However, there is one common thread through it all: You need an award-winning partner with many years of experience, all the necessary resources and the know-how necessary to precisely understand what will make your project a cost-effective success.


  • You are responsible for communicating a unified corporate message to a multilingual, multicultural, international workforce...
  • Your Ethics & Compliance program must be implemented in 3, 5, 25 (or more...) countries, and the program includes printed materials, a video message, a flash presentation, as well as interactive training materials...
  • You have a diverse Hispanic workforce and you need Spanish translations that are appreciated by all your Spanish-speaking employees - regardless of where they come from...

Your human resources documents are carefully crafted to clearly explain company policies, regulations, and safety procedures. Every detail matters. By working with Omni Tech HR’s translation team, you can be sure that the foreign language versions are just as carefully crafted as your English original. Omni Tech realizes that maintaining a well trained and informed workforce is crucial to your business’s success, and our specialized HR services are perfectly aligned with typical HR industry requirements.

Omni Tech Talent Management and Training support services will enable you to provide highly cost-effective HR translations to your employees:

  • Company Policies
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Compliance
  • Employee Benefit Packages
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Review Forms
  • Employee Training Materials
  • Employment Applications
  • HR Forms
  • Insurance Forms
  • Internal Memos
  • Newsletters
  • Procedural Manuals
  • Safety Documents & Information
  • and much, much more

How We Work

Your company's human resources documents are the foundation of an effective and informed workforce. But if, for example, you have a large percentage of “limited English Proficiency” (LEP) employees, many of them may not fully understand your company’s policies, procedures, and training materials or retain the information that you are releasing. The translation of these materials is vital to protecting both your company and your employees.

Translating your human resources documents into Spanish (or any other language) will ensure that your Spanish (or other) speaking employees will understand, retain and use your company's policies, procedures, forms, and internal communications. Omni Tech HR’s translation services will allow you to keep all of your employees - here and abroad - well-informed, while greatly increasing employee loyalty and retention in the process.

Foreign language versions of your human resources materials are an investment in your increasingly multicultural workforce as well as a reflection of your company’s dedication to maintaining an informed staff. Omni Tech HR’s award-winning translation & translation support services will help educate and inform your non-native speaking staff about your company in the language they each understand best... Their own!

Our team of translators, editors, reviewers and support personnel is located around the world and we will provide you with foreign language versions of any type of HR communication and employee training. Also, if your company has close ties with a foreign entity, Omni Tech's Team will provide you with the English translations that you need as well.

For the very best in HR-related Translations & Support Services, please contact Matthew Elliott, Omni Tech HR at +1 (678) 631-3382 or at

We can come to your offices to discuss the particulars of your project, or meet with you via conference call, FaceTime, online or video conference.