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Software / Technology / ERP

"I did, in fact, refer you, based on the incredible work you all did at Newell Rubbermaid for the SAP Training team. I always felt that OMNI's commitment to our satisfaction is what distanced you from other vendors."

Omni Tech Software and Interactive Translations Solutions


At Omni Tech Translations, we offer effective, cutting-edge development and implementation of complete software, Web, Mobile App and ERP Localization services.

We focus on finding the most effective way to get messages across in print and electronic media using a variety of methods and headache-free online and offline presences for our clients.

Our linguists, engineers and designers work closely with you to ensure that you get the best solutions for your business objectives and budget. Our unique blend of savvy creativity and unparalleled understanding of technology allow us to create compelling Localized Software applications in almost any language and script.

Our Localization Services and Solutions Include:

  • Pre-project Consulting and Preparation
  • Terminology Development
  • Localization Engineering and File Preparation
  • Application Translation, Editing, Proofing & Testing
  • Localized Application Builds and Debugging
  • Linguistic and Functional Testing of Localized Applications within Target - Language Environments (Localized OS, Browser, Servers, etc.)
  • Translation, Editing and Production of Help Systems and Documentation
  • Localized Screen Captures
  • Localized Help Formatting, Compiling and Debugging
  • Functional and Linguistic Validation of Localized Help
  • Full Document Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • Linguistic and Technical Quality Assurance
  • Output Generation
  • Database Maintenance, Updates & Version Control

Project Type

No matter the project, we can take care of it expertly and efficiently. From concept development and project management to design and implementation, our projects range from simple web work to in-depth interactive training programs, process control software and simulations, to interactive multilingual presentations and features, and much more...

Terminology Management

Omni Tech’s 360° approach to terminology management delivers long-term value to our clients through shorter learning curves, faster localization cycles, improved quality, greater consistency and reduced total project costs.Proper terminology management is critical to delivering consistent, accurate and timely translations. Using leading terminology tools and subject/industry specific experience and know-how, our translators and editors create and maintain client-specific glossaries and update them over time to ensure that we consistently use approved terminology within projects and from one project to the next.

In addition to client-specific terminology, we also maintain a number of extensive databases of terminology and concepts for very specific industries. These databases ensure that we will hit the ground running when it comes to your projects and that your company benefits from years of cumulative experience and terminology validation. Ask us about Omni Tech’s LegalBase™, TechBase™, DefenseBase™, HRBase™, GovBase™ and TrainingBase™.

Production Tools

At Omni Tech Translations, we have many years of experience “molding” our working methods, tools and platforms to those of our clients. By mirroring your development and production environment, we can produce accurately translated and localized versions of your original files without the need for file or format conversion. This approach reduces the cost and time for localization while minimizing the risk of error involved with using different tools or converting file formats.

File Extensions

Because of ever greater convergence of platforms, media and delivery channels, Omni Tech Translations has become very adept at handling all the components that make up the typical e-Learning and other Interactive projects. Among many other applications, we work in Flash, HTML5, Captivate, Lectora, Articulate, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Framemaker and Final Cut, to name but a few.

Besides the ubiquitous .doc, .pdf, .wav and .mdb files, we fluently talk .aac, .ai, .aif, .app, asf, .asp, .avi, .bmp, .c, .cfm, .chm, .cpp, .css, .dxf, .eps, .fla, .gif, .hhk, .htm, .html, .if , .indd, .java, .js, .jsp, .mdb , .mif, .mif., .mov , .mp3 , .mp4 , .mpg , .php , .pl, .plist, .png , .ppt , .ps, .psd, .qt, .qxd , .ra, .sql., .svg, .swf, .tif, .wav, .wmv, .xhtml, .xls and .xml, again, to name but a few.

Omni Tech Interactive enjoys long term relationships with its clients and our company becomes an efficient partner and team player for delivering localized content and products.

We enjoy long-term relationships with clients, and our company strives to be an efficient partner and team player for delivering localized content and products. For the very best in interactive and software translations and support services, contact Abram Wallace at +1 (678) 631-3382 or via email at