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"You guys are speedy! Thank you! :)"
-T.W. - Phosphor Games

We provide publishers and developers with a complete localization solution for any platform.

  • Game script preparation, translation and transcreation
  • Localization project management and planning
  • Localization of user manuals and print materials
  • Game script preparation and translation
  • Screen-shooting, graphics localization and dialogue resizing
  • Voice-over recording and subtitling
  • In-house game testing and QA support
  • Localization of game marketing collateral (website translations, banners, etc.)

Acceptable Platforms: All mobile platforms, all console platforms online, and proprietary platforms.

With over half of gaming revenue coming for markets outside the US and emerging markets pushing game companies into new linguistic territories, working with the best localization provider has become more important than ever for our game clients. Omni Tech Gaming not only bridges the language gap for our clients to enter into those markets, we help our clients create new user experiences. Our goal is to create content that engages the foreign audience in unique and powerful ways. By utilizing effective transcreation methodologies and working as a trusted language partner with our clients, we localize their content into compelling localized narratives on even the most difficult projects

Regardless of size, our in-house team and studio will make sure your title is delivered on time and localized by one of the best group of professionals in the business.